Leo Male Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Leo male.

Leo Male Characteristics

  • Leo males are usually very virile. He loves to impress people, especially the opposite sex. One of the basic personality traits of a Leo man is that he loves to show off and use his charm to get things done.

  • Leo men are attention seekers. He always wants to be the centre of attraction and get noticed by people all the time.

  • They are independent, love taking responsibilities and execute the task with perfection. Any kind of interference might make them violent.

  • Another trait of a Leo male is that he will never be alone and always be surrounded by a group.

  • A Leo man is a go-getter by nature. He is impatient and cannot wait for things coming his way. His optimism further helps him achieve his goals.

  • Leo men are dominating. They love to be bossy and be in commanding positions. They are perfectionists and expect the same from others.

  • A Leo male takes nothing seriously and are always in a playful mood. This can be irritating at times.

  • He has a very bad temper and it will be displayed when others disrespect him or show indifference.

  • Leo men develop a weird sense of insecurity when their near and dear ones begin to ignore or overlook them. This insecurity is transformed into anger at times.

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